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A) Take the 15 minute as a CRUNCH TIME TEST
1) Plan out One project or one piece of work
2) Follow your time and work to complete in 15 minutes

B) Work an entire hour in 15 minute segments.
You can also try a 5 minute or 10 Minute Time test!

KEY: That you key out tasks and your not wasting time.
The TIME TEST works, and really helps focus, efficiency, and success.




LIFE IS CHOICE. It may be a spiritual huniverse or just a local UNIVERSE. is it
CREATIVE OR CO-CREATIVE, CREATION OR EVOLUTION. Do we have the choice vs. acceptance, generic vs. specific, genetic vs. evolutionary, angular vs. acute, truth vs. silence, giving or receiving, fantasy or reality?

What universe do you live in? Is it the social business political wordly jungle? Is it the cosmic, fantasy or mystical? Is it the love spirit soul god huniverse? Or is it your own local familial personal individual world? The fact is the whole of us lives in all of these, even when one seems to be prominent. We shift attention from one to the other while at work, play, rest, church, in romance, or family time. We also shift in and out of each during the day, although some are rigid in their choice of experience or habits of life. So now we come to the way to be in all these universes, sometimes of one, and less often of all at the same time? How and why do we become this whole. Try this exercise and know yourself.

The more advanced are the ones to even acknowledge these universes. Are we soul beings, only, or just physical alone? Are we Soul, or one where life is all that matters to live, and survive. The immediate choice is to work with one choice and not the whole. But when we find the whole, we begin to work well both in this world, and relative to the others, which also exist here and now. We may not know this central unity of spirit mind and body, and that is the reason for this whole practice. The practice takes time, and love, and the practice of disciplines, or at least focus of attention. But when one allows the universe to become a huniverse, and the world to become a cosmos, then the bounty becomes the beauty of existence, and one can find perfection in each moment, with easy happiness and sense of purpose all wrapped into our life and days.


This all was described in just 2 paragraphs, so it must not be as hard as it seems.
All that blocks us is attitude, our viewpoint, or outside obfuscations, if we allow them. The rest of it is peculiarly easy. That is, it is already, and it is here now. In fact, it is what we are. Can we get into the moment with the cosmic, physical and spirit all unified. This is a universal way, that in fact is what man is learning to do. It is why we live, and of course, love is the greatest element in this. Love brings us to realization, and to purpose, and to harmony too. Thus we allow, acknowledge and accept, and in that seeing, knowing and being, the three in one comes alive. Let us not distance ourselves from the world, or the spirit either. If we can see then it is sight, set and scene, like a movie we star in. We become the players and the player and find honest integrated being, and not manipluative, yet in control, with a real sense of purpose as well.

Pull away from the blocks, and resistance. It is only past experience which was hard and fast and kept us from the simplicity we are, as physical, as soul, and of life. Surely troubles come in the world, by situations that can be challenging. The world is not as real and hard as we have believed, nor is it outside the purview of soul and spirit to not be a part. But we must also be real and true, and find love and purpose. So the unity of opposites in this world is part of the practice, and so is the way itself included within troubles. So we access the primary direction of the day and make each moment a value. Playing is part of it, but balance work and rest are too.

LAW OF THREE: Each of these are also three‘s, and if you can find the clear set of three, focus to them, find each job and duty as well as play and fun as those things you can combine. Then too see to others benefit by what you do, and allow not loss of any good, of virtue, or lack, by being of the best, keeping the track, and opening the eyes and mind as well. It will come to you, and easily. Trust, tie up camel, and tool your being.

Here are suggestions for a easy way connection to this MIND BODY SPIRIT, or LOVE LIFE BEING. The three in three makes for a unity of one, and the law of one is your whole now. Let yourself become what you are. You will see it will feel just like yourself, as you do, when you feel it, naturally. Not when emotion, thoughts, or desire or physical focus are too strong to allow the balance. So now you have
The elements of who you are, and what you are. Now to be that which you are, so it can be whole, balanced, wondrous, and exceptional. You will see that it is. There you go, man, human, soul. It was all of you, as you really are. The rest will take care of itself.

15 minute exercise - Look at what world you live in. In 15 minutes attempt to observe yourself as you go from thought, to emotion, to action, or spiritual feeling. You may be very surprised to see how you are, and how you act or use your time and energy. See this 15 minutes only as a short test, where you can begin to see the observation only after it is done. Later, you can focus on what to put the focus energy towards, and become creative. For now let yourself just watch the test time. It will be Easy. You don’t have to do anything but watch..

SECOND: Take a NOW HERE inventory. Did desire, mind, or body rule you? How often do you switch from inner to outer activity? What takes up your attention? What special moments came during the 15 minutes. Observe yourself observing. Take an overview or record the whole process. For what reason? To know how you may be integrating with life. That soul is part of it, your the observer. This neutral objectivity is good. It allows a distance, and space from what you are and what you do.

THIRD: Now you can come to the third level, which is a unity. Take an objective for the next 15 minutes. Notice how you do, what you do, and also how you stray away. What came up to distract. What helped you focus. What effect did you create. Try for a 15 minutes of a spiritual practice, a 15 minutes of a physical activity, and/or another kind of mental or creative activity, or just a natural daily duty to perform. Now each one will reveal certain natural patterns, habits and experience, but it will also provide you clues to how to bring this unity of soul spirit and body together.

Complete the action, if you can, or at least a WHOLE part of the activity. Then you can go back to review, and notice in a short few moments, take a look. Because it will show you how your creative nature is connected to your action nature. The balance is of the mind, emotion, body and spirit, with neither overshadowing. This will become a unified blend, as you see, or you can already see it at work.

Now the moment to moment becomes the daily practice of this unity or we may also separate our 4 types of activity, and work on them directly in periods of time best suited for them. 15 minutes of spiritual practice, 15 mnutes of life action, 15 minutes of family or home time, 15 minutes of worldly work action, and 15 minutes of cosmic or creative manifesatation. How and why you do each is your own choice. Let it flow to the best you, trying one day to do at least 1 if not all 4 in this exercise. You will find you will want to make every day, and actually every moment filled with the dynamic BMSU body mind spirit unity. It works because it is what we are. For this life, making the most is simply being what we are. The rest will become natural and beautiful as you wish to make it.


Finally we suggest you try a practice of doing each thing completely. One step or stage at a time, be as whole and complete as you can, because that will help you in all areas and be more whole in your life. To feel whole, the BMSU must be alive and real to you, so the practice in daily life is the first step. It is often all you will need, so practice the wholeness in activity until you find it natural. It may take a day month or year, depending on the subject focus area. So be patient, easy on yourself, but enough discipline and attention to get it done well and perfectly as you can, without judgment. So this is the principle no blame, no shame no guilt, and also no hurry, no worry. So if you allow, accept, and acknowledge the process, you will find the soul in you coming through, and then it will feel like magic. It is, life is magical, in that way, and gratitude never hurts either. So we find the joy of being. We find the joy of good. God makes good. Good makes us like god. It is really that simple.

Best to all; Paneagle.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Paneagle wrote the following ANSWER LETTERS


1) I use a sound called HU...sound is wonderful too.
HUUUU inwardly is an exercise. 2) Release anything of objects or negative persons around you.. It (or they) is a single channel acting as a block or with negative force... 3) you might remember to exercise once a day in the same place and time.. generally 20 minutes is recommended...tune into the spiritual and pure positive love...release the outer world, and let yourself into the inner world..4) Imagination is another exercise....and so also set goals and dreams put down privately on paper let you begin forward, and move away from the past or negative holding you back... 5) diet and exercise...physically yes...a little tai chi for example or other movement...walking...taking in the sun...enjoying gods medicine, outdoors, laughter, doing what we love, olive oil, grape seed extract, whatever it never hurts...6) Finding new avenues, new study, and light and sound itself as music outwardly or visual or even just bathing....sing a positive song...meeting others of good nature... it all goes towards good!


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"I AM", she said, "THE MOST WONDERFUL COOK IN THE WORLD. My sisters think It's slop, But I don't give a flop." Cheryl Smith, Co-author of the e-book, Dancing in the Kitchen.

We have to say, Cheryl can dance in the kitchen, and she knows it. Ignorance is not always bliss. Dancing to life or music should be a pure joy. A little humor never hurts either.

In fact, it's natural for every woman to know they are the most special in the world. It doesn't hurt anyone to have true self-esteem, unless they speak ill of others, but one real truth is Cheryl can write, and she really can cook great, and her recipes do show more than tell. They're some so secret and special we can't tell the world, or risk the millions they may one day serve. If it benefits us, then all the better. Who said doing good works has to be all sacrifice? The one law is love, which in life is to learn how to integrate love. That's what she does.

Cheryl has 4 NU dynamite recipes and two NU cookies. One was made purely by mistake. Edison had his faux-pa's, too, and then came the light bulb. Of course the old bulb is now going extinct for saving energy, but nothing lasts forever, as new developments must come along. The internal combustion engine may also be doomed. But the Home run cookie, Specialty Wraps, and that special new IZZA is on the way.


DON'T BE AFRAID TO MESS UP. The screw up could turn out to be your best meal.
SPILL THE SPICES, HOLD THE SALT. DO not be afraid to add to much seasoning, but this doesn't mean the salt.
EXPERIMENT, EXPERIENT, EXPERIMENT. You've heard of location, location, location. In cooking, it's experimentation. You got to try it to know if it works.
IT'S OKAY NOT TOO MEASURE. What's all the hoo-ha about exact measurements. Hey, you need the feel, to do the dance. Get a feel for cause and effect, taste and smell, and when to touch or toss. practice makes perfect.
PREPARE THE PRESENTATIONWith shape and color, imagine your meal as it will appear. Appearance can be as important as what's on the plate. Try a variety of shapes and colors, to mix and match the hues and the foods.

DON'T WASTE THE AU-JUS. The juicier, the better, usually. Ever had pomegranate juice? It's practically the Nectar of the Gods. The best recipes have no waste. They might not even have a recipe at all.
SAVE THE SCRAPS and CLEAN AS YOU GO Move the used items away, the bowls to the sink, and the cutaways into the compost. There's a place for everything, and a place for the nothing's too.


Do you believe a man who can cook is sure to get the cook into bed? Well, it could go a long way. And who said eating isn't the ultimate aphrodisiac. Of course it is.

From an EXPERT, who is no EX-pert, we will add these DANCING IN THE KITCHEN excerpts throughout the year. Keep coming back. There's a great book in here for you, and a great piece of work you are, too. Let yourself dance in the kitchen, too. It really is a joy, even if you muck up the meal. Imagine yourself being a great cook, and one day you will be. Imagine, imagine, imagine. That is the real secret of nifty dancing.
If you can see it, you can be it. That's a key in life, too.
As Cheryl said, when she saw this in print. "I be blogged" You may not see what you expect, but that can be a really good thing.
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MANY NATURALLY WANT to leave this world, with its challenges and dis-ease. It is a world of change, and it has brought many of us back for one more turn. Some feel compelled and necessary. Others are working it out for the last time. Which one are we?

Halle Berry did an unusual thing with her own film production of the Dorothy Dandridge story in which she starred. The uncanny resemblence would indicate their is more to this object than meets the eye. Or rather, what meets the eye has a deeper meaning. She did feel the compulsion to produce this story, as if it was her own. And indeed, it appears that it was.

We see she healed part of herself in doing this work. Past lives and investigations into areas of interest both can open us to who we are, and what we are doing here. This is our Soul nature, that needs to know. Once we find it, we can make the journey back home, or release the karma of the past. This renews our sense of freedom.

They say,the past is done, the future's a gift, that's why they call it the present. What choices we make now must be real, and not just controlled by past cause. So we use the stars or other cycles of life to know what is where, and when is how, that is, to know and see what is best for us as spiritual beings in this human lifetime, which may be our last. This is why we want to make it the best we can.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007



Let's investigate this very briefly.

Firstly, we must see whether we choose to take the human perspective, or the SOUL perspective. Some would say we only have the human perspective, but let's look at it more closely. When we are human we have experiences of every kind, both personal and of others, which we experience around us. Just taking this one step furthur, we can see Soul or our inner self may experience the "One, creator, god, source" (whatever name is given) as part of this experience, and in all experiences.


That being, Soul, or however we may describe it, is found first by our assumption. Like imagination, at first it seems only an image, but soon it becomes a story, and later it becomes a reality, where it has real meaning for us.

It also is known in its' parts, never as the whole, yet is is a whole that we are, as humans as long as we are alive. Then that Soul may go on, but for now who you are is what you experience, not what we think God does, It is only through our own perspective, and clearly this perspective changes, but the One shall still exist. Here is the key. We shall change, yet we maintain our human life, and our Soul, for the life time, and our spiritual reality for always. As the two co-exist, god and human, reality and its experience, we find that we are therefore already enlightened, and connected to Soul, and thus to our experience. This opens us to the extent that we are available to be aware of it.


Now that we may know we are aware, we can assume this awareness. It is a whole, and then it can live more as a whole in us. Nothing else is needed. We simply be with our experience, and it will become more. It adds unto ourselves in greater degree as we become aligned with it. This is true in anything. This is what love is. What we find at the end of the road, is love, and that is all, for that is all this one is that has given us life and the ability to experience it.

The easy way to enligthenment is to get it, that we are it, and have a mirror of our experience that is our world, for now. This is our spiritual reality as we open to experiencing it. All the qualities of love and life that we wish to have and know are with us now, and ever have been, waiting for us to choose them, as needs be, whenver we may do so. The final key to enlightenment is simply gaining more light, and love, and going beyond having just things and experiences, for this one reality of being is in our gifts to have and know.


You may see how the ONE rests itself within the world, experience, and our words, and makes them vehicles to see and know and be, as it is, and as we are. There is no more to be said, for being is our state, except to enjoy and live the Way, in the practice, the being, and allow it to be with and live through us.

In the end it is the giving in this way, not the receiving, that matters. The way to have love is to give love, just as the real way to be rich is to make others rich, and the way to be free is to give others freedom.


Finally, there is no seperation between you and this. We have the choice in every moment to choose, if it be love, then we get love, and all the other virtues, freedom, truth, and all other positives. Any other choice, and you have attachment, and become bound to the thing you want to force. Attachment binds us to its object, or itself, just as love can bind itself to what we love, only that within the love is the connection to freedom, joy, and openness of spirit.


We experience in relation to our attitude, belief, and choices. Whatever we focus on is mirrored back to us, but it is dependent on the relative level of our consciousness. Make the higher choice of pure conscious association with the One, and you raise the experiences. If we choose to be only human, that is all we know. But everyone who does sees some inherent limitation feels bounded.


Are we truly willing to be free? Are we willing to see? With willingness, you have all. Without it, you have nothing. Willingness allows one to see that we are with the one, and the one is in all things. The will is subjective, the world objective, and when they meet, they become transcendant, or fixed, for it is one or the other, in this world of polarity. Better surely to find the place where love meets love.


Love binds us to the universe, and to our inner self that is with God. The one love makes itself known through out experience, so we may learn and know it. It also provides us with the path of freedom, beyond attachments or the physical life, into the full spiritual vitality that is with us here and now. The human experience becomes transformed.

We find if we choose the physical world as our guide, or our mind or emotions, we find limits, and shortcomings. But we know we are also human. So we are vulnerable, but also co-existing and co-operating, and we find the world is ours, if we see we can be enligthened, and have sex, or any desire, for example, if it does not control us. So the fact of life here is the world here is an illusion that can only be maintained through love, and otherwise will fall apart. This may happen temporarily for us, but in the long run, love will prevail, and we shall return to love!

This is really the simple understanding. It is a joy of love, and realization of unbounded being. It is a joy of spirit, the one, to be with and for our being. That is the final and true one law. We live because of god's love.





Three keys and a fourth key attitude are all you need to succeed in good relationships. These simple keys will keep your love, or help you find one. It will last, and love is the first key, for "with love in the nature, all is well"


We have in relationships three keys; Loyalty, Agreement on finances, and Communications. These are the three modern necessities and are best known and found when used with the following four (FUNdamental basics); that life is relationship (relativity speaking), and is also winning through self-discipline or attention on love, contemplation on the ways of love, the practice of love and lovemaking, and the true understanding of love as the four essentials.

Put these together, and we find a whole set of love dynamics. Now lets turn these over into six whole life areas of playing, working, loving, daily living, succeeding, and knowing. If we have the four basics and three keys aligned, we can apply them to each life area. But basically, putting LOVE FIRST and letting the rest follow. You will find that telepathic communication, artful love practiced in each step, like great dancers who know all the moves. This art of spiritual direction is essential. It is a unity you have with love and your loved one. The balance is always kept, or both do not win. The winning is not beating the other, in relationships, but playing with them well and true.

excepts from DANCING IN THE KITCHEN for your reading and loving pleasure.
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A paper online called OBSERVATION by Hanna Pickard raises the ABSTRACT on the perception of one’s body ‘from the inside’ provides one with an awareness of acting, and that this awareness explains a previously overlooked feature of one’s knowledge of one’s own actions. Actions are events: they occur during periods of time. Knowledge of such events must be sensitive to their course through time. Perception of one’s body ‘from the inside’ allows one to monitor one’s actions as they unfold, thereby sustaining one’s knowledge of what one is doing over the period of time in which one is doing

Paneagle discourses on the PROFOUND realization!


OBSERVATION OF ONES ACTION is consciousness, the more applied consciousness implies creativity, or at minimum creative control. Conscious observation implies decision making, choice, and lacks the stubborn loss of will which marks the animated or ‘outer’ controlled conscience. This outer conscience is not in control, and conscience, aka guilt can become a factor in many decisions. This social effect also is implied, and thus avoidance of embarrassment, or fear of loss, control our action. If one observes actions, it becomes a neutral second party observation of self, and the world, and thus self-determining.


Often the act of compliance with stars becomes an act of creativity where we also discover our own will to thrive beyond meer survival. An important side benefit is we discover the nature of survival, that we in fact survive in soul.

This law of relative and association combine like emotion and thought, but does ‘reactive” or non-perceived man see? While he has emotions and thoughts, both emotion and thought are secondary to a prime cause which is Soul. All of this relate to man as physical being, in general, even though one can live without emotion or thought, that in the specific they are natural and inherent to human beings. This all may become and has become necessary in human life, even though downplayed in most human occupations, except the observed purposes, such as in job or work situation. The fact is, Soul can and does exist without thought or emotion, and as long as we are physical only, such as in animals that is purely instinctual. This instinct appears as consciousness, but is rudimentary. Even so animals can act with what appears to be forethought, or recall experience, and act or observe accordingly. Many humans work at near animal or the basic human level, while some animals may exhibit real soulful quality.

This second level of creation raises the bar of observed neutral consciousness, but still works with thought or feeling, but is often non-observant, such as in cause and effect. To this extent, politicians working with self- survival motivation in social context, may only apply reason to physical purposes, group percpetions, and not be in third level or real awareness of whole. This third level is cause and effect, and significantly, relates to the mind above emotion or body needs. This third responsibility level is a perception that may be either dependent on the observation, but not necessarily able to act purely for whole. It will still be working in parts, aware of action, but not necessarily able to change or alter circumstances.

This process of observation is the use of conscious thought, above the dual or awareness separated from cause. Result has effect to change, but is secondary to immediate relationship. Those who realize immediate creative act, find the associations directly, observe life neutrally, relate but do not react, and find the purpose as well as achieve conscious action. They often do not act, and this state of neutral is maintained, because they perceive the actions taken as often karmatic, or pulled to one side, away from the original natural inclination which is soul. This fourth level now receives the impulse for action only from soul, above number one reactive, secondary feeling, or thought, and in pure directed consciousness . This will eventually lead that individual to self realization, and soul liberation, and to those of that group who are of this process developed themselves. Affinity, harmony, acceptance and love will follow.

The co-creative act implied in orginal creation as its purpose for soul realization of pure love, becomes the purpose of divine interaction, and divine intervention, although this is really a secondary cause point, so man is imploded and not inclusive, rather soul is inclusive, and thus finds itself in liberated condition, I.e freedom.

Are we bound to the stars, or the stars bound to us. While human, we will see the affect of worldly and outer conditions, and secondly, see the metaphysical implications, by association, of this relation to things in our world. The individual with the power of creativity can find the affect of becoming cause, and thus begins to see systems and alliances or affinities, but is not free of them. The stars for example may provide points of reference which we use, but we are not affixed beyond them. A common complaint of many is this unusual stuck or co-dependent condition, that the stars rule us. But really we may be the maker of the stars.

How so, we observe, if either the stars and planets so distant, or so largely more powerful than we. Secondly, it is important to see how we observe the stars. A new approach of sol astrology has pointed out the so called secondary sol sign hidden in the original sign position. It is inherent but unseen unless one knows the formula. Once seen, it is suggested the same co-creative empowerment procedes from us, as a new definition of the individual is sought. It is a method which allows us to become more than one sign, and thus not bound to the stars. This implication makes us work to the third level, which is cause and effect, and discover the mental act of observation and discipline. This also is another issue which many wish to avoid, preferring the less complex instinctual or learned response. Seeing it is easier to be controlled than to control.

But the act of observation frees us to responsible cause, and their in a world of responsibility arises, where we act responsible with freedom. New words and a NU soul perception becomes alive. We can use the stars or effects to our advantage, take building blocks and make them stepping stones, and find levels of previously unseen freedom. It is odd that this receptive capacity is actually an active position. The same as the observing soul who is in the physical, or the soul with the body, as we must be to live. It is thus proven that we exist in multiple states, but as humans, are bound to the physical. In fact, the physical is our vehicle to discover soul, and the discovery of soul is our prime purpose. Once this is done, the fourth level as the fourth dimension opens up, and we can use mind, emotion, or body to positive or real effect, and not be bound to karma or effect that is controlled.

This all may be called true nutek, or conscious evolution, leading to the principle or cognizance that is immortal and may even allow physical immortality. The Nutek is one aware of this entirety, and thus inclusive, does not deny psychic, physical, or spiritual, and sees the cycles and specifics of the stars, in time and space, or can work with the eternal non-specific, to maintain state of relative freedom while still alive in the human state. This is the advanced state we are all working towards, with or without consciousness.

We must see the act of stargazers becomes an act of creation, where we observe our life in relation, and then that relation can become primary cause, so we always act in coordination, seeing observation, making the conscious acceptance of cause and effect, and eventually becomes liberated from the world. But this unity is the whole of the third level, and even greater levels are possible. The original act of independence becomes the act of co-working operation, where our individual (soul) and the unified whole (god) work with the spiritual (forces physically) and otherwise transcendent nature. Thus the dual or objectified polarity of the world becomes a unified whole where we see both cause effect and neutrality, and can include all three, so we are no longer effect, nor co-dependent, and we may initiate, or be creative, but only do so with heart or love and purpose, the other trinity, the same for humans as body, emotion, or mind, but now all inclusive, so we may not act in foresight or conscious thought without emotion or physical directive.

Humans, (hu-god) and physical life interact and this is who we are. The act of human love is the greatest of these, often in charity or receptivity, and in compassion , more than actual creation or force.

The use of cycles and star points are references for man, secondary at best, but still tools, like the many other avenues available to us. Inclusively, we must accede to the levels of co-dependent as inter=dependent
and then the inter-dependent as liberating. The stars are tools and bridges, not the least of which sol astrology is motivated to lead us to these observation, and eventual self-creativity. This self-creation is not separated either, as we become unique nonetheless, we also unify, with the spiritual complex as soul, and in this the original creation of existence becomes us, as we become of it.

All this may sound as difficult to grasp as the stars, but really is rather simple, like the turning of a wheel to move an automobile. The conscious relation, in particular of soul, is the soul’s motivated of knowing itself, the stars are often a first bridge, inspiring emotion and feeling, by relative thought, and the second is the bridge of mind to soul. These two main bridges, are the way, which leads to the way being itself, for the conscious soul. We may find the creation of our career, relationships, and life mission, which the stars must have some relation to define. Once we define it, the rest becomes a simple act of carrying out, using observation and neutral relating, to see the necessity or function of the spirit in our moment to moment, and in the process of our current life.

This lifetime is a soul evolution,with a purpose of inevitable liberation, from the world, and conditionality. The conditions become secondary to the creative nature, and the creative nature is to realize ourselves. We are the co-creator of our world. Sol signs allows us to see the first bridge and often the second. We become aware of an inner and outer self, and the relation, and this cognition is original creation. The second effect is the worldly action we take in accord with it. This being usually to be either among other of this affinity and perception, or at least to act within it among the people or the world. Finding a purpose such as job or love is to make some inroads to this final state. It is not for the job or love life itself, but must be included. Then our love or career all seem to integrate and this integration is a state of joy.

Flight is an ancronym for fully integrated honesty. If we FuLly InteGrate HonesTly, we shall find the wholeness of being, and neutral observation is the first step. Second our abilities talents and purposes of past karma in experience come to a fruition, like the fruit of a tree. Our positions in the stars make sense, and we become possessed as it were of this conscious evolution. Conscious evolution in our life is both aware of living in the world environmentally at cause, and responsibly make choices. We see needs and assess how or what to do, in relative ratiocination, that is reasonable and relative to them, our actions take on conscious elements, without need often of reward or gratitude, yet we receive and gain often without direct coordination, that is the spirit provides us, and life gives to us its’ succor and value. This is true
Self fulfilling prophecy, not the secondary effect.

We reach primary cause, and original purpose. Sol astrology is no more ultimate than the science or education of itself, but it can be a tool. The secondary tool of mind or heart also serve then the higher purpose. Making the bridge is our goal, and once on the way, all must move in accord with it.